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PetersNorth Valley Schools Insurance Group (NVSIG) was founded in 1979 to provide cost-effective, sustainable workers compensation solutions for its members. The NVSIG Joint Powers Authority (JPA) is a member-driven organization that continuously strives to provide relevant, innovative and practical resources for its membership. The JPAs ongoing success is the result of strategic planning and hard work by its members in implementing prudent risk management and human resources best practices against an ever-changing education background. These efforts contribute to creating and maintaining a successful safety culture for all JPA members, thereby helping to reduce both the frequency and severity of employee injuries. This results in a safer and healthier workforce as well as ultimately decreasing the overall cost of caring for injured employees. The bottom line is that a Safer Work Environment = Better Employee Protection, Less Injuries, and Decreased Injury Costs, resulting in the proverbial WIN-WIN scenario for all involved parties.

The mission of North Valley Schools Insurance Group is to provide an economical, stable and equitable Workers' Compensation program for the benefit of its members and their employees.

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